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The best time to visit Egypt

Spring or Autumn is the best time to visit Egypt. Egypt is a country where you find ancient history, beautiful beaches and amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites. Most of the places in Egypt is very hot weather. If you are searching for the best time to visit Egypt, we are here to tell you the true story.

If you are asking from experience, mid of March to mid of May and mid of September to mid of November is the best time to visit Egypt. Cause you get a comfortable temperature. If you are thinking about others month, especially July to august, average temperatures are 94° F / 34° Celsius (+/-), in winter its around 50°F / 10°C) at night. Where

Egypt temp graph-the best time to visit egypt
Egypt temp graph- Wikimedia

So, maybe you think what’s better? Spring or autumn? If you take our suggestion, autumn is better. Because of sand wind, khamsin occurs in the first of the year ( around April and May), while you can find a clear sky in autumn. But as Egypt one of the large countries in the world. The weather variation depends on place and time.

Time to visit Cairo

Mosque Cairo Egypt Alabaster- Best time to visit egypt
Mosque Cairo Egypt Alabaster- Pixabay

About 80+ miles from the coast, Cairo still benefits (and somewhat) from the Mediterranean climate in North Africa, and is generally much cooler than Luxor or Aswan in the lower desert. I’m talking.

To give you a better idea: Luxor’s average temperature may reach 106 degrees F (41 degrees Celsius) in August, but temperatures in Cairo will usually be “94” degrees Fahrenheit (34 degrees Celsius) a year.
In winter, it may even rain (though it is only a small rainfall that barely reaches the ground), and in Cairo the temperature will be quite cool at night. During my last stint in mid-March, I was glad I had a jumper for the evening. With 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Centigrade) in the evening, you don’t want to wander around in shorts and t-shirts (just read my guide on what to wear in Egypt)

Great Sphinx of Giza, the Pyramids

Great Sphinx of Giza-best time to visit egypt
Great Sphinx of Giza-Flickr

This should not be a bad thing if you are just visiting Cairo, as cooler temperatures actually mean less of a crowd. Also, for viewing museums or the Pyramids of Giza, cool temperatures are preferred. In this case, I will only try to avoid July and August and pack accordingly if you plan to visit Cairo in January or December.
Still, April or October is probably the best month to travel to Cairo, as both Luxor and Hurghada / Sharm El-Shake won’t be too hot in that time. That way, you have pleasant temperatures during your entire trip.

What is the Best time to visit Luxor and Aswan

Luxor and Aswan are both located deep in the Sahara Desert. The Nile River has turned the ancient Egyptian cities into a small band of green, but it doesn’t really help to cool the temperature. March, April, October and November provide a good mix between overly hot days and pleasant warm nights.
You should really visit Luxor or Aswan in July or August. The areas around the big temples, and especially the Valley of the Kings or Abu Simbel, will be heated to a point where even drinking a few tons of water and carrying an umbrella will do little good for you. Expect to feel like entering a reactor, where even the best air control conditions on a bus can’t be stressful.
The good news: the Egyptian climate is so dry that it never rains.

Hurghada, Time to visit?

Hurghada-Best time to visit egypt

So, what will happen to the Red Sea? When is the best time to see Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and everything in between? As I assumed that you would like to go snorkeling, you will probably want to avoid the winter months from the end of November to the end of February.
Again, the best time to visit these regions of Egypt is probably April, May, September, and October, but if you don’t mind the heat and frequently dip the pool/sea, summer is also possible near 96 ° F (36 ° C) in July and August. The temperature is quite normal.

Many people travel from Hurghada to the Luxor / Valley of the King of the Day. You probably won’t want to do this in the high summer, because you’ll only spend the day on the bus to reach a very heated temple/tomb where you want to leave before you enter.

The best months to visit Egypt?

October is the best month to travel to Egypt, soon April! In the past, you had to avoid the usual holidays in Europe (especially the Easter Holidays), but as Egypt was not as popular as it once was, you would not find a top tourist attraction – not even during the peak tourist season.
April and October can also be the most expensive months, so it pays to compare prices with March / September. Since visiting Egypt is pretty cheap at the moment, I wouldn’t hesitate for a dollar or two! Some people like to watch the sun festival at Abu Simbale (February and October 22) and other special events, so I suggest you do some more research if you are interested.

The worst time to visit Egypt in our experience.

So, by now you should already know that July and August are the worst times to travel to Egypt. It’s just too hot, especially for sightseeing. While you can probably cope with the heat under a great umbrella at your all-inclusive resort in Hurghada, the Pyramids of Kings Valley of Giza are simply unbearable. If you don’t keep temperatures above 122 degrees F (50 degrees C), you’ll benefit from lower prices and smaller crowds.

You should also know that March and April will see a lot of dust in the sky. I have already mentioned chamicin air, but there are sugarcane crops that are responsible for a lot of airborne dust. Generally, this does not hinder your travel plans at all but is less likely to see the blue sky.
Travel to Egypt during Ramadan
The majority of Egyptians are Muslim (about 90%), rather conservative. Ramadan is strictly observed, and out of respect, you should behave accordingly.
Granted, Ramadan does not apply to non-Muslims, so theoretically speaking you can eat or drink during the day, but your choices are high. Remember that local restaurants, shops or museums will be closed at this time. Although standard Western hotels will cater to their guests. Since there is almost any Coptic Christian minority (5-15% depending on the region), some shops and restaurants will always be open.

Do you know Festivals and Public Holidays in Egypt?

So why you are waiting for, ancient history, culture waiting for you to telling the story of the earth.

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