How to get Egypt visa in Czech Republic?

This is a very common question, “how to get Egypt visa for Czech Republic?’

There is two way you can apply for Egypt visa for Czech Republic.

  1. You can apply Egypt visa for czechia by visiting egypt embassy or consultancy in Czech Republic.
  2. You can apply online Egypt visa for czechia which called egypt e-visa.

Can czechia people apply for a visa to Egypt online?

From 3rd December 2017, The Arab Republic of Egypt declared that 46 country’s citizens may apply for the visa online.

In that 46 countries list, Czech Republic is one of the countries whose citizens or passport holders may apply for visa online in the tourism category.

How I apply Egypt visa for Czech Republic online?

If you are a czech republic citizen or holding a czechia passport, you can apply for egypt visa online just spending 5-10mints. You have to fill up a form with some of your basic details and 1/2 documents scan copy. Applying online is much easier than submit an application physically in the embassy or consultancy. After submit you have to wait 7 days max for getting egypt e-visa in your hand.

What is the Document requirement egypt visa for Czechia?

There are very minimalistic documents need for applying egypt visa for czechia. Here is the document list:

  • Passport Scan copy.
  • Hotel Booking/accommodation details

Even if you don’t have any hotel booking or you are not sure about your accommodation. but you want to apply for egypt visa. Don’t worry, we can arrange it for your visa purpose.

What is the visa fees for Egypt?

Right now egypt government allows evisa only in the tourism category and The government fees depend on your entry type. with the government fees, a small service charge added from our end.

Type of entry – Govt. fee + Service charge = total

  • single entry – 25USD + 20USD = 45USD
  • Multiple entries – 60USD + 30USD = 90USD

How many days take to get egypt visa?

It is advisable by egypt government that applicants should apply at least 7 days from your departure date. There is no express service to get visa within a day or earlier. Generally visa ready within 3-4 working days. So we always suggest to our client please apply 7 days before your flight date.

What is the validity of Egypt visa?

Egypt visa valid for 3 months and you can stay 30 days in each time after you entering in Egypt.

So why you are waiting for? offering you the best service with minimalistic cost. That’s why you should apply through us by clicking below.

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