Most frequent questions and answers

E-Visa means electronic visa, e-Visa is an official permit to enter an evisa supported country issued by the immigration department. Without facing the embassy, a foreign national can apply for e-Visa online. You can apply for Egypt e-visa in a very simply way. Click here for apply.

From 2017, 46 countries Citizens may apply in tourism or business category visa for Egypt. Click here to find out eligible countries list for Egypt visas.

For applying e-visa online, you have to fill-up the form perfectly and we just need your passport copy. you can check the Requirements and fees by click here

Right Now, Egypt immigration allows submitting e-visa in the tourism category. You can apply any one of entry type for 30 days:

                 1) single entry
                 2) Multiple entries

Please note that Egypt immigration advice to the applicant that you should apply at least 7 days before your flight date. but mostly visa result come out with in 3-4 Working days.

E-visa fees depend on the type of entry your choice for apply. The fees are include our service charge.
For single entry -25usd and multiple entries -60usd is the government visa fees. rest of the amount is service charge.

  • Single Entry            –       45 USD
  • Multiple Entries     –       90 USD

before you apply, You have to confirm that, passport at least 6 months validity from date of arrival in Egypt.

The Egypt visa validity is 180 days in single or multiple entries category.

The number of entering Egypt depends on which categories visa you applied. if you apply for single entry you can enter once for max 30 days. if you have multiple entries permit, you can enter any number of you want till the validity date but each entry you can stay max 30days.

you can stay 30 days max each entry.

This is a very rare case some someone gets rejected for Egypt visa. with our professional guidance visa almost confirm but if anyhow rejected you have to re-apply for egypt visa and refund will be procedure as per our refund policy.

if anyhow your visa application has been rejected, you get refund our service charge. the gorverment visa fees are non refundable.

Right now we accept PayPal, VIsa, Mastercard, Amex. After you submit the application. you have to wait a few moments. One of our representatives will contact you and send you the payment invoice as per your choosable method.

We know some common FAQ always play in your mind. we are trying to give all of the answers here. but if anything not listed here, please feel to contact us for details.