Egypt visa for Slovakia

If you are a Slovakian or Slovakian passport holder or you are a different nationality but living in Slovakia, you can apply for Egypt visa.

How to get Egypt visa in Slovakia?

You can apply for Egypt visa in Slovakia two ways:

  1. Apply for egypt visa by visiting Egypt embassy or consultancy
  2. Apply for egypt visa online.

1) Get Egypt visa by visiting physically Egypt embassy or consultancy.

If you are want to visit Egypt and you are living Slovakia, you can apply for Egypt visa by physically visit by Egypt embassy or consultancy in Slovakia. You can find the address of the Egypt embassy in Slovakia.

                                                                Egypt Embassy in Slovakia-click here.


•             Click here to fill-up the form online.

•             After fill-up the form you have to print it.

•             After complete the print, you have to carry it with passport and other supporting documents and visit the embassy physically.

2) Get Egypt visa online.

You can apply for Egypt visa online. The visa issue electrically and that’s why its called electronic visa or E-Visa. You can apply for e-Visa of Egypt anywhere from in the world. If you are a Slovakian citizen, it’s recommended by Egypt government that you should apply for Egypt e-Visa. Right now 46 Country citizens or passport holders may apply for Egypt online visa.

Please click here to check the Egypt e visa supporter countries list.


You can apply for the Egypt visa online with just 3 easy steps. You don’t need to go anywhere for getting Egypt visa.

•             Click apply now button and fill-up the form, you have to upload only passport scan copy and your hotel booking/accommodation. If you don’t have details hotel booking/accommodation you can also apply without that.

•             After fill-up the form, you have to complete the payment. The payment amount will depend on the type of entry you are choosing. Click below for Egypt visa fee details.

•             Now you have to wait 3-5 days to get visa approval letter in your mail.  Please note that Egypt immigration advice to the applicant that you should apply at least 7 days before your flight date. Because sometimes it takes 7 days max to get visa approval. 

That’s it, applying for Egypt visa online is much easier and effortless compared to applying by visiting the nearest embassy or consultancy of Egypt. so why you are waiting-

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